wow an explosion of hurt dudebros, between yesterday and today

@catonano I've seen that you had a lot of interaction with other users but I haven't read all the toots. I am just curious because you used the term more than one times and made fun of them as they were nerds.


I probably used the term improperly

I think the definition I lie the most is "hypermasculine male"

But it can be read as a young man between 16 and 25 from a small place in the US loving college football, with a simplistic idea of masculinity and homophobic

I used it as a metaphore for the on line environment (and the IT professionals environment) that is mostly populated by males

Many of the interactions were not as toxic as the ones a real dudebro would put out

to be continue


sometimes out of cluelessness some young males use unfortunate words and then claim they meant no harm

sometimes they simply can't take an adversarial argument and get offended as a stratagem to avoid the discuussion (as someone insightfully underlined)


they can afford all this cluelessness because as young straight white male they don't get exposed to the same amount of micor and macro aggressions in the on line and off line worlds

but talking cluelessly has a cost - to those same people who, instead, are harassed regularly

so even if they arre clueless they can still be dangerous to some disadvantaged people

For example someone argued that the remarks to Gargron were not serious


But they didn' t know that the remarks were about harassment of transgender people on line (and off line too)

when made aware they retreated


this is just a small example

yesterday I ventured to post something with implications to the transgender issue and I was flooded with silly arguments, out of context interjections and a whole lot of general bullshit that lasted a day

so I experienced the transgender on line experience for a day

Often people interject having seen only one toot of a chain, tat doesn't help

Also I can have nee jerk reactions, that doesn't help either


overrall, I am doing some soul searching and I'm learning a lot of things in these days, also about myself

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