what does exactly muting mean on Mastodon ?

@catonano I guess similar to Twitter; you don't see that user's posts in your timeline - even if someone re-toots them.

If you tick the "no notifications" option too, it'll mean that you won't see them in your notifications.

Different from blocking because blocking will mean you see no content from them, and they can't see yours. Muting is one way.

@catonano I did some quick googling gave me the link but it is dead. I'll search if that page has an archived version.


Seems somewhat dated though, it's a year old - but, strangely, I could not find a better explanation of the mechanism.


thank you, I am a bit confused about this right now


look, right now I'm a bit overwhelmed

I need some time to collect my thoughts

I'll read later


I'm appreciating the way you interact


@catonano Take your time. No one's putting a deadline on you with this stuff. Read it at your own pace;

@catonano that you don't see each others notifications any more, nor in timelines.

It's a lesser block.

Sometimes quite useful to help one take a step away from a conversation.



sorry for calling you in

the snowslide of bro dudeism is going on

@catonano I'm not going to entertain this.

I can also defend myself, if need be.

I tend to focus on finding a common ground, when I have the energy, instead of pushing each other further apart. Or I wait until I do (which is why I'm napping now).

@catonano You will not see the muted user but the user does not get a notification that you don't see them.

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