so, malicious actors use facebook to test people weak spots and manipulate them

I just met a Bolivian man, he's been living in Italy for 20 years now

He has a dramatic personal history, his mom was mentally ill and had 8 children from 8 men, she abandoned them to her mom, his grandmom

His father's secretary told him not to say that man was his father when he was 5 and was selling street food for a living

He said he had no mongrel (meaning illegitimate) children


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he supports the Italian government, the most right wing in a long long time

He feels immigrate people are a threat, because they're muslim and intolerant toward gays

He said "sinking" those ships was a big word, he just supports a more orderly phenomenon

He feels that abortion shouldn't be a substitute o contraception, you go fucking around, you have those children

He feels that surrogacy is an abuse, dictated by shallowness

He feels the same about marjuana

As a young immigrate in Milan he was betrayed, and blackmailed by a Moroccan former partner of his and other unscrupoulous people

That may be a reason why he doesn't like Muslims today

He uses facebook on his mobile phone symbiotically

He uses it as a substitute for a photo app

He taes lots of pics, retouches them, crops them then he publishses them with glee with comments, smileys, all sort of tags

I thin he has been targeted by a faceboook based psycop

His history of trauma (abandonement by his parents, poverty, escape) was detected, he was prodded to see what ffalse arguments he would have been rrepsondent too

and today he's completely brainwashed

He even showed me a pic of a really ugly joke involving Hitler on facebook and his answer was a straight condemnation, to demonstrate me that his support or a rightwing government has nothing to do with being fascist

I think it does

He is completely brainwashed

I was not ready for that and couldn't manage that in the best way, to say at least

But I'm starting to think that facebook datacenters should be bombed, after having given a brief warning to the personnel

This is Goebbel's dream

facebook is a machine to weaponize peole's weaknesses against themselves, for the best buyer

It's the most terrific propaganda machine ever created directed with no moral compass and no supervision at all

oh, he also mentioned the new world order and Soros, the billionaries plotting in the shadows to impose an inhuman slavery onto us all

He said this was absolutely true, it had nothing to do with facebook crap

@catonano P.S. One distinctive feature of radicalism/extremism is that their worldview is very self-contradictory and their arguments are very certain about everything (…) — no doubt allowed.
It is true of both, far right and far wrong, far left, I mean (jk).
So you can't appeal to logic as such: to communicate any idea you also have to resort to a purely emotional arguments.

…Not that an average person is thinking very logically, but the deviation may be in both directions…

@catonano …this way you get either scientists or crackpots, and this isn't obvious on the first sight who you're talking to. That's why the war on outliers is very damaging to the "intellectuals" too, the brain cells of the society, y'know…
Imagine e.g. chemotherapy, which also does a lot of damage to the central neural system (…), would you undergo that to fight a (non-brain) cancer? I'm not sure I would.

That may be a lot of stupid stuff I might just say. Anyway, let's take the risk…

9/11 mention, rightwing "press" 

@catonano I used to work with an Infowars follower in the 00s and I think I muted him on Facebook when he started throwing around phrases like "the new world order" and "9/11 was an inside job"

racism, xenophobia 

@catonano similarly a short-lived teammate at one of my jobs is an Italian immigrant to the UK, previously to France, who also made horrendously islamophobic comments and went on about how the EU has to stop immigration and uhhhhhhhhhhhh

@catonano Not keen on such a drastic solution, but I agree with your feelings. Radicalization is a problem faced by every social networking site with a laissez-faire attitude to moderation, including Twitter and Reddit for example, but Facebook is the only one whose user base makes a huge percentage of the population. And they have been in denial for too long about their effects on our public lives.

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