If your instance says you will love and respect bigots ironically, I’m probably not going to pick up that irony. Especially not if you’re pals with FSE folks and love swastika jokes.

@brainblasted @catonano Co-option of the term "free speech" scares me when by those who want to be allowed themselves to speak on all platforms but who are are more than willing to threaten people who speak in ways that they believe are oppositional to their own views. So-called FSEs are not consistent, and it's ok and even good for communities to define their own boundaries.

The muddying of the waters is also dangerous because free speech is one of the few defenses against fascism we have.

@cwebber @brainblasted @catonano In my opinion, it's too late for that. "Free speech" has been a dog-whistle for white supremacists for a good chunk of the 20th century, and at this point in time it's impossible to be anything but. For example, here's a case from Canadian history: twitter.com/BashirMohamed/stat

It is important to think about exactly what you mean by "free speech". WHO do you see included in this space? Who *don't* you want to include? What is up for debate, and what isn't?

@nev @brainblasted @catonano I agree that such communities try to use it as a dog whistle, but I think there are reasons to defend the principle, but the way white supremacists are using it *isn't* within the principle, which needs to be called out.

Some of the most important aspects of freedom of speech are also the freedom to filter and the right/responsibility to call someone an asshole, which many don't get... "you can't say that, it's their freedom of speech". Yeah I can; this is mine.

@nev @brainblasted @catonano White supremacists have *no interest* in actual freedom of speech; they're lying, and we should call them liars. Look at how differently they respond when they say something "controvercial" vs when someone says something they don't like. They'll claim they can say anything *unchallenged*, anywhere, because of freedom of speech (false), but threaten violence against those they disagree with.

@cwebber @nev @brainblasted @catonano their "edgy truth:" must be allowed on every platform including and especially privately owned and operated ones.

"SJWs:" consider their speech illegitimate, harass them until they withdraw or leave the platform.

Gosh if only there was a more nuanced framework for dealing with bad actors than "the mods should never do anything."

@wilbr @cwebber @nev @brainblasted

A better framework could be: since when Nazism became legitimate ? Mods should throw them out at the first blink of an eye

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