If your instance says you will love and respect bigots ironically, I’m probably not going to pick up that irony. Especially not if you’re pals with FSE folks and love swastika jokes.

@brainblasted @catonano Co-option of the term "free speech" scares me when by those who want to be allowed themselves to speak on all platforms but who are are more than willing to threaten people who speak in ways that they believe are oppositional to their own views. So-called FSEs are not consistent, and it's ok and even good for communities to define their own boundaries.

The muddying of the waters is also dangerous because free speech is one of the few defenses against fascism we have.

@brainblasted @catonano That said, I think that there's a deeper level at which this issue can be analyzed than I have time to put in today, but have been meaning to write about. Sadly I think it isn't as simply as xkcd.com/1357/ either for the same reason that I do not agree with capital-L Libertarians: I believe that "many things become governments". But that insight can help lead us down the right path... something to discuss later, though.

@cwebber @brainblasted
"Many things become governments"

What does that mean ?

@catonano @brainblasted Something to flesh out at a future time... I think I don't want to complicate this conversation by introducing it :) (and I'm trying to do some other writing!)

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