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Catonano @catonano

I'm trying to create a system service for Tryton ( )

Tryton is the base for GNUHealth

Here is what I wrote so far

Now I'd like to write a system test for the 2 services I wrote and for postgresql (it has a service but no test)

I'm tired. I would be grateful for any help

@ng0 yes I am referring to you ๐Ÿ˜‰

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@catonano ay. so that's a thing I've only read but never written so far, the system test of Guix.
I'd need to tinker with the system tests for a while, and know what exactly you want to achieve.

@ng0 I would like to test if

1) a "tryton" role exist in Postgres
2) the Tryton daemon is running

@ng0 what I' m talking about here is and of course

I forgoto to mention them

@catonano I know. It's just that I'm trying to organize some important issues at the moment. You'd be faster if you work on it on your own.
I'll look into it, but it will take some time until I get there.
So I can't promise anything.


I know that you know and I also know that you're busy !!

I added this note with the and hashtags because I realized I had forgot them in the original post ๐Ÿ˜Š

@catonano Ah, I see. Yeah, I wished I had more free time.
Also I haven't forgotten about your email a while back. I'll reply but it just got complicated with personal, work and other projects.
On the bright side, the currently increased interest in infotropique lead to my work on a design paper due to be published in 2018 (because that's the only way we can express and describe all of it) and probably a better website soon (earlier than the paper).


ok, I managed to write a small test to check if postgres is running

it passes

I shamelessly copied and pasted the test for mysql and changed it for postgres

but it's a start

In the coming days I'll try to write a couple of tests for my 2 services