4 years ago I attempted to do a personal static blog, with clojure

I gave up, back then

Now I'm trying again, with Haunt

But I don't remember how I left things. There are several stylsheet files, one less based attempt, one sass based attempt, some styles coming from the org mode web publishing machinery....

a mess

Today I tryied to tidy it up a little bit

Oh gosh 😒

@catonano all on 1 line in the css? is this gitlab rendering or can you really work with this? :)


No, I have a hard time woing like this 😕

And no, it's not Gtlab.

This is a minified vesion

I can't remembe if I made that with Less, withh Sass o plain and simple stylesheets

I made one version expoting a org-mode fiile

I made one version with a cloure based tool called Artanis (it's on my github account)

And one more with another cloure based solution with a org-mode parser

I used a plain stylesheet file, a Less version and a Sass version

@ng0 Now I can't remember what is what, the clojure things don't run anymore because the Boot I used (the build tool) is way more advanced now

The only version that I ever managed to publish is this one


so now I'n in the processs to inspect it to discover what css classes I used on every level of the hierarchhy and try to reproduce that with Haunt

Extremely boring 😑


I realized that the only verrsion thhat I managed to publish hmust have been made exporting a org-mode document

BUT the org-mode outlining classes aen't being used in any stylesheet.

So I can move to a more generic html5 outlining


I managed to edit the stylesheets someow, now they should be more readable now

Also I came to the conclusion that the procedure producing html from texinfo code is not applying the class="src example" attribute to the <pre> tag wrapping scraps of code

Those classes are defined in a stylesheet provided by the org-mode html exportation and I'd like to keep them

I had to edit some DOM nodes in place to realize this, as you can see here 🙄 mastodon.social/media/OSkwyCrl

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