My heroes: Richard Stallman, Steve Jobs and Marco Pannella.

3 visionaries who changed the world

2 over 3 are dead

What does this tell about me ?

I' m a dinosaur.

And I started contributing to a Free Software project only a couple of years ago

@catonano Oh, really! Steve Jobs? I thought it wasn't loved in the Free Software community. It seem a stupid question but what do you like most about him?

@surveyor Steve Jobs isn' t love din the Free Software community.

But I used to be a mac fanboy, I came to the Free Software only later in life.


Steve Jobs was a visionary.

He saw this thing in Palo Alto and he managed to make it the standard of computation.

The desktop today is something he "saw" before anyone else did

The same goes for Android phones.

@surveyor you can criticize him in many regards

But he played a big role in defining the computing experience as we live it today

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