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@catonano It is nice, but you seem a bit short on snow?

@gemlog @catonano

Ah ! There were about 10 degrees Celsius

Later in the day even 15

@gemlog @catonano @catonano

It's an atypical winter. Last year we were at least 10 degrees lower

You might have heard about the Rigopiano resort covered in snow last year

There were several victims

@catonano I did yes. Very sad. I can still see the images of the lobby in my head.

@catonano A warm spring day, nice! I have to wait a couple of months for that.

@catonano I was going to ask what are you doing up replying me, but it's actually morning! I have to go to bed now my time.
Also, I've always wondered: how did an italian mangage to choose marty feldman as an avatar? At least, I think it's marty feldman? It seems abby normal to me.


Huge Young Frankenstein fan, here 😊

Good night !

@catonano Thank you and good morning! :-)

What knockers!

(not you!)