Fediverse !!

I published a new post of mine in my brand new personal static indie blog

The title is: "Self publishing of scientific datasets"

Here it is


@catonano Cool. One suggestion: hyperlinks are now difficult to read with that background image (there's low contrast).


thank you for taking a look !

I know there's low contrast, but I love that picture so much, it's hard for me to get rid of it 😯

Anyway, what about the issue of publishing scientific data sets ?

@catonano I was referring to your page only, not to that post -- sorry! (I'm not a data scientist).

@catonano to clarify, does not work on Safari mobile. Firefox on desktop is all good.


I think it's standard html

I can't test it on all the possible combinations 🤷‍♂️

This is one more reason against the web


I tried it on firefox mobile right now and it doesn't load

it does load if I click in Tusk though (Tusk loads in its own window)

This vps was an exploration on my side.

First, I didn't want to bother setting up the https thing

Then, the domain name is not exactly fun

Maybe I'm too old now but I have the feeling that publishing on the web has been taken away from the rest of us


the DAT based experiment by Aral Balkan is interesting but I don't like the fact that DAT is implemented in nodejs

neocities offers hosting with ipfs too (very cool) but I'm worried by Aral's remarks about ipfs

Ok, I'll quit this silly discussion now

@catonano Hoping you get this back up--I'm looking forward to reading it!

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