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Woah! This is PURE GOLD, people!

Real big list of self-hosted alternatives. Some time has been spent curating this sucker!


In fact lots of gems in it !

That's why the free software directory is important

We can't rely on word to mouth to know what's around

@catonano precisely! On one hand it's awesome as open source is now, you know, a pretty big thing. But discoverability is actually pretty hard.

I often use something like which is crowd sourced info.It's weird how our brains love a list like this! Not sure if many will take action on it. I sure as heck will.

Catonano @catonano


i am impressed by archiving software, in particular

I happened to have crossed DSpace and I didn't suspect there were other projects in the same category !

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@catonano And if you DO spot any truly useful Open Source projects that blow your mind, consider boosting via the hashtag