the version in Guix is 1.14.10 but the most recent version I see on your Gitlab branch is 1.12.14

am I wrong ?

@catonano the most recent tag is 1.12.14; I didn't push all the tags to the gitlab repository. The code is up to date with Cairo's git master.


I cloned it and attempted to run autogen.sh on GuixSD

The resut follows. Is it any good ? Or can you spot any incompatibility ?



interestinlgy, I get

492 Passed, 59 Failed [0 crashed, 14 expected], 27 Skipped

it's 5 more failures than you get


the interesting bit is on line 600 and 601

clip-operator fails. But I can't find clip-operator.log

am I missing anything ?

@catonano Ah! I've already regenerated that test file. Try this branch? gitlab.com/federicomenaquinter

It's where I'm seeing if test files just need to be regenerated, or if there are actual bugs to be fixed.


for example, extended_blend_mask fails but I can't find a


Is this expected ?

@catonano I'm debugging extended-blend-mask right now. Glad that you discovered test/output/* :) Need to review test/README to see if it actually mentions that.

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