@kara @a_breakin_glass @enkiv2 @jamey Iiii actually disagree. Geeks like learning stuff.
Laziness, however, is a nearly universal human... value? Property? ... thing we do, whatever.

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Yeah. People do as much work as possible when the nature of the work interests them, and as little as possible otherwise.

The mark (and dare I say definition) of a geek is that a geek finds things interesting that most people would find tedious -- the result being that we do things like invent category theory or obsess over the best way to represent first-order logic, or reimplement make with XML.

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(Of course, geeks rarely even share their passions with other geeks.)

I sympathize with people who make poor decisions out of convenience. I think it's possible to make systems that are convenient for both implementors and end-users (and don't have awful externalities like wasting memory and cycles), and as someone who cares about this stuff, it is *my fault* that the pickings are slim enough that bad tech seems most convenient, & my responsibility.

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Like, most people don't give two shits about language design or other kinds of UX design. (Most people don't even really know that there are different ways to do it than they're used to.)

As people who care, we all share responsibility for making a world where the good stuff is also the convenient stuff, and where people are aware of it. And, we all share a little bit of the responsibility when people use electron or XML or Java.

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this was an interesting discussion

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