About I want to mention that my favourite Free Software projects, and , both use mailing lists and (logged) IRC channels

I even linked some old email in those mailing lists in my blog

Also I suggest rreading this document about FLOSS projects using walled gardens comms systems (thank you to @clacke for the link)


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@catonano @vascorsd @clacke

I can't understand why some foss projects don't use foss and open communication systems.

For mailing lists you have the amazing Hyper Kitty and if you find IRC too old (and freenode too centralized) you have Jabber.

@postroutine @vascorsd @catonano And Matrix. The free software project I'm involved in uses Matrix and Telegram.

Telegram because it's ubiquitous in the cryptocurrency world for some reason. I'm not spending effort to convince them otherwise at the moment, but for my own parts, I will promote Matrix and the racket-lang mailing list.
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