I didn't discover until a few months ago that #VLC has support to playing YouTube videos by URL. I had always used youtube-dl, even if I just wanted to stream a video quick. (YouTube's website is a proprietary web app that does not work without non-free JavaScript.)

Life is simpler now.


on GuixSD there's a terminal command that is a video player

it's mvp pathh/to/a/video-file


mpv URL/to-a-youtube-video

a window will pop up from thin air with the video in it

BUT WAIT there's more !!

there is also a client called


it will do basically the same

@catonano Ah thank you I was trying to remember the name of mvp. I haven't tried youtube-viewer yet. I just need it on occasion to watch e.g. talks.

@gyrosgeier Sorry I meant non-free JavaScript _code_. rms summarizes the problem in https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/javascript-trap.en.html. I gave a talk on it at #LibrePlanet 2016 about this and other related issues here: https://media.libreplanet.org/u/libreplanet/collection/restore-online-freedom/
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