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Catonano @catonano

on the base of what I'm reading on Mastodon these days, in order to have a mobile platform that runs , we need a huge amount of money to suppot the development of our free software based infrastructure.

We are at ground 0 in that regard

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@clacke @xj9

thanks, I didn't know about heropunch

@catonano I saw a thing at Hacker News, "De-Googling my phone" -

I hope it's somewhat relevant.


it is but we'rre far away

Degoogling a phone requires dedication and anyway you can't make it run on free software completely yet, as far as I understand

Recently technomancy boosted an interesting thread about this issue

@catonano yeah the mobile ecosystem is a mess, I personally invested in the Librem 5 but it's a tiny tiny step :/


I'd love to be abe to install postmarket on my Nexus 5

But i can't be bothered with all that low level stuff 🙄

@charlyblack I mean bootloaders, flahing, exotic procedures in order to load stuff... you now, embedded hardware is not for the faint of heart

@catonano ah yes, I understand, it's a real issue, if one does not have the spoons to bother with that, straight-out-of-the box solutions are scarce, and super-expensive (like the Librem5, or a phone with pre-installed CoppereadOS for example) :/


you can start from this thread

then, I see you already boosted the tot about how few mantainers mantain nevralgic infrastructure