I imported the git repo of my blog into a based repo and I have to say I am impressed with the rendering of the branches/timeline

In this screenshot, Gnome Boxes is on the background and virt-manager is on the foreground

The "guixsd-install-0" machine is present both in Boxes and in virt-manager

Because they share the infrastructure, they are just 2 different GUIs

I'll use the other one because it has a better network setup

But I thought this was interesting anyway

ok, so, obs on Fedora doesn't work

It captures the mouse but the rest of the scene is pitch black.

The video source is "screen capture XSHM"

The screen is screen 0

There are no other viable video sources

The xcomposite one does work but it only captures one window, I need the whole desktop

So no screencast for me


it stays so for minutes and there's a thread spinning, as in this other picture

@Tutanota in trying to create an account via the tor browser (on Fedora 28) it gets stuck and doesn't progress

as in the attached picture

Also today there were several demonstrations scattered in Italy

The biggest one was in Milan

Here are some pictures

This is a delegation of gay arab people (Allah loves equality) at the demonstration in Rome today

I think this tal is pertinent:


an excerpt: "It has become cumbersome to wade through chapters upon chapters of docs, looking for the relevant bits, ... We need topic-based, action-oriented content to guide users through specific tasks. So, how do we turn the voluminous guides of yesterday into lean, modularized narratives that are easy to maintain, scale well, and still allow for a ‘guide-like’ experience when it is required?"

this picture is taken from the slides

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