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My new personal indie blog is taking shape 🙃

A stretch of sunset I captured by chance yesterday evening

I managed to have emacs jedi working on my Tryton module, as you can see in this awesome picture

A friend of mine made me a present. A fancy keyboard. He knew my keyboard was worn out, keys were broken, it was not backlit.

So he bought me a new one

It' s a small thing but I love it

I have in a and I'm trying to run the

This is what I get:

what am I doing wrong ?

bitcoin fun Show more

I received the a bunch of days ago but I read it only today

I haven't appreciated outlets printed on paper for a long time

But this one is really enoyable

I learned about some new interesting projects (about climate modeling and environment monitoring), about some RYF motherboards, abot the new hardware for Savannah

I can't remember that I sent a contribution to the fsf bt if they started sending me the bulletin, I must have

I'm glad I did

Ho difficoltà a capire cosa significano questi due tweet.

Qualcuno mi aiuta ?

I should do something but I really can't bring myselff to do it.

Having a constrction site inside the apartment right now is not helping :-/