Today I deactivated my Twitter account.

I was on Twitter for more than 11 years, and had a verified account with 30,000+ followers.

I visited their office when they were 20 people (meeting with Ev) and again when they were 3,000 people.

It is such a relief to get rid of something that has turned into one giant plastered-with-ads-and-forcefed-clickbait mess of harassment, bots and Nazis that is steered by a spine- and clueless leadership team.

Hi again, Mastodon! 👋

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My only summer in Berlin was extremely hot

At least here I have my sea 😶

if we could compile code to Javascript, like clojurescript does, we could use Guile scheme to integrate and extend javascript libraries, like DAT, ipfs and off line osm mappers

if we could do that to, say, Rust, we could do the same with Rust

The problem is gonna be the tooling

It took Clojurescript some years and tons of work by a lot of talented people to reach a decent level


I've read it

I deduce that as long as you check the MAC before any other operation, you can keep the data safe

That is, the conflict can be solved

Or maybe checking the MAC first can be a problem ?


I knew there was something

I don't know what Pseudonymous systems are

I'd need an overview of these things: where does the conflict between anonymity and proof tampering lay ?


Yes I know about GNUHealth

I played with Tryton 8the framework GNUHealth his based on)

But that's for traditional health care organizations

I'm thinking about something new, I believe


ah I see

but I was thinking of health care to African citizens, who can become refugees, in their lives.

They could be tested in Africa and the results could be stored "on line" with some p2p system and then those tests results could be made available to western phisiclans

and vice versa. Tests made in Europe could be made available to phisicians in Africa (or elsewhere)


I don't understand: the monitoring of which devices ?

I'm asking this because I'm mumbling about an international health care system

Could we store the results of diagnostic tests in a way that they can't be tampered with AND be kept available to their owners only ?

In a p2p network, I mean.

I don't know much about cryptography

I have a hard time figuring out the notion that it can be used for guaranteeing some bit is sound (not tampered with) OR to keep it secret

and that such 2 functionalities often are not compatible.

meaning that I something is guaranteed as sound, then you can't keep it secret (and vice versa ?)

Could anyone educate me about this ?

Ok I broke the total isolation with my summer fling. A friend of mine contacted them on Facebook (thanks friends with facebook accounts !)

I feel relieved

Also, I managed to create a partitions table and the file systems on the partitions in my vm

Soon it will be a proper GuixSD installation


it's human.

You have no idea how many trains I lost

Quite a few


well, that can happen, with trains

you need to be extra prudent and arrive there on time

it's really a pity that obs doesn't work

I'd love to screencast the installation of GuixSD in a vm

In this screenshot, Gnome Boxes is on the background and virt-manager is on the foreground

The "guixsd-install-0" machine is present both in Boxes and in virt-manager

Because they share the infrastructure, they are just 2 different GUIs

I'll use the other one because it has a better network setup

But I thought this was interesting anyway

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