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@charlyblack @pivic

How does Cory Doctorow does it ?

I don't know


I read, a few days ago, that the session was gonna be behind closed doors

So they changed their mind !


I took a machine learning course with coursera

It wasn't very useful

I learned way more with the SICP

I don't kknow iff the SICP can be included in the mainstream courseware


they don't feel offended

They feel betrayed. They feel colonized

Like the confederates in the US

The narrative is that the south of Italy (we) was on its trajectory

The unification was a scam, a manouvre orgchestrated by the British that substantially damaged us

The repression of the rebels after the unification (i briganti) was a brutal occupation

So they explain the poverty and underdevelopment if the Italian south

It's someone else's fault. A consolation

Pure delirium

on a better note, this evening I deadlifted 100 Kg

@Aaron sorry I misread

yes, he feels like a victim

He became old without understanding himself


he is very easy to manipulate

He has a deep unaware whish to buy any consolation, as crazy as it may be

His sister, my aunt, his friends, too

All of them

They used to be leftists in their youth

These new things lie the 5 stars movement, they found a soft deep belly to exploit

I see this as a tragedy


no, he was never convicted

But he feel like a victim

The world was unfair, the British sabotaged us, the unification of Italy was a manouvre by them, we were way better under the Bourbons

Any fantasy the depicts the world as unfair towards him and his country, as unreasonable as it can be, he buys it hands down

lie the landing in Sicily during ww2 was arrranged with mafia support

We never new the thruth, there's a level we couldn't reach, lie in X files

The CIA knows.

Now there's this sentence on the Carabinieri officer who arrested Riina.

He's been condamned on non existent basis

On the base of the conspiracy bullshit.

The silicon valley giants and the Russians played us really well 🤕

my father believes a lot of political bullshit

He's been brainwashed by facebook and a lot of snake oil sellers

and that plays with a fundamental vicimism deep inside him

It's heart breaking

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By 35, you should ignore what other people tell you what you should have done by 35

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We are excited that #Tesla has moved their #Linux compliance work to the public so the community can work together to help them comply with #GPL requirements.


buyng books is more rewarding than buying anything else