some time ago I run into a talk from some #libraplanet (or something) from some years back

It went on about how the average number off contributors to #freesoftware projects is 2 (or quite low anyway) and sometimes Free Software projects are crap

I'd like to find it again

I'd be grateful for any hint

DASEIN now stands for Decentralized Authentication Self-soverEign Identities using Name systems.

#gnunet #gns #dasein

There's this boy on youtube, he has a lot of videos about tech

Wordpress, nodejs, Sass...

and GTK mainly form a ElementaryOS installation

he has a few tutorials about how to start a GTK based project with Vala

He seems to be Italian and living in London

I can't remember the name of his youtube channel

I'd be grateful for any reminder



On the backup disk, you erase the previous version of the pgsql dump and only store the last one

is there a (or ) instance for people ?

Yes, I know it's full of liberal furries here, please stick to my question 🙃


Here's a dystopian vision of the future: A real announcement I recorded on the Beijing-Shanghai bullet train. (I've subtitled it so you can watch in silence.)

purely by chance, I found this article about how to explore the modules of in Guile

It's a good starting point for improving your average Guile interactive session and for seeing where to start from, should you want to improve the current situation (there's tons of room for improvement)

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I voted today! Since you don't get "I voted" stickers when you mail an absentee ballot, I'm sharing this picture so I don't miss the social credit of participating in our democracy (to the limited extent I can).


is there a relational db app in along the lines of or ?

I see but it seems abandoned.

How does it work ? Is it alive ?

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how do you achieve to get those nifty colors in the prompt line ?

I made a short screencast about something that bothers me about the so called interactive usage of the

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