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I really can relate to many of thhe things you say here !

@ckeen recently I saw some posts about some cool password managers here on mastodon

One in particular was a terminal based passowd manager, without GUI and it organized the passwords in a hierarchy of folders

Of course I can't find any of that now 😞

At least I copied my key so I don't need a password anymore to login into my vps

@ckeen ah I ound the root password

I had noted it in a "notes" file 😊

I was reading about how to get an onion address for my blog but for now I can't remember any of my vps passwords so that has to wait ntil i sort this out πŸ˜’

when you'll be able to subscribe to tags, you could follow someone's posts about, say, cats but not about sysops.

So that will play into the lists use case, in my opinion


I cloned it and attempted to run on GuixSD

The resut follows. Is it any good ? Or can you spot any incompatibility ?

Here's a reminder that is pointing to cool stuff people are doing.

If you're tired of glue code, do something fundamental and help oriansj and janneke build the GNU of the future from a tiny, human-auditable binary core and then Source All The Way Down.

@dthompson here we moved from a natural gas stove to an induction cooktop.

You need to get used to it, but it's cool


Really ? I didn't know !!

We use them here every day !! 😳


the version in Guix is 1.14.10 but the most recent version I see on your Gitlab branch is 1.12.14

am I wrong ?


this happened to me tooa few years back

Just not while attending a security conference though 🀣


I don't know either

How are they bad for the hearth ?

@loke @dthompson

In my experience exercise is always about skills too

Be it body building or power training or swimming or water polo or rugby or whatever

I forgot cycling ! You learn to deal with stamina, moods, nutrition...

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