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Today I posted about for the first time

It was also the first time in my life that I took part in a discussion in which issues are involved

It's a few ours and I'm already exhausted

A tsunami of bro dudeism, people feelig attacked if they want to refuse a feature, people claiming this is a whim, "brats want Gargron to do what they want", from their lofty rooms full of videogames

people interjecting out of context, as Mr Beans...

Ok, now I'm off to the gym, because I'm a cisgender white man after all (sort of a bro dude or something)

Overall, today was a good day, so long !! 😁

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To all those (white) men complaining lately that it's so sad and unfair that people assume you're an asshole because of who you are: your (white) brothers ruined it for you.
Stop whining at those who treat you in a certain way due to their own personal past experiences and #checkyourboys.

some time ago I read that "implement it yourself" is equivalent to a "fuck you"

can anyone point me to that toot, please ?

currently I'm donating to gargron via liberapay. Should a come ashore, I'd be glad to move my donation to it

Is there any made in common lisp ?

I'm a cisgender white male.

But I'm not a coder, not in the classical sense of the term

So I feel the entitlement of the white male coder vividly that this article describes

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@catonano @vascorsd I enjoyed that article. I do not know the guix or guile communities, but agree in general about the toxic people and how dangerous they are. I hope I never become one of them, or, if I do, I get smacked hard enough on the face to find my way out of that state.

blogging 101:

don't link stuff form your blog post. People won't read

You need to embed things

so they won't be required to leave in order to know what the discussion is about

yesterday it was cloudy, today less so

I think I can go to the beach with a lighter spirit 😊

I managed to flush them out

On the Guix/Guile mailing list the shit is hitting the fan

The is not provided by the only.

After releasing under GPL there are a lot of other considerations to be made and issues to be taen into account

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rainbow families at the demonstration in Rome today

hundreds of thousands of people at the demonstration in Rome today

This is a delegation of gay arab people (Allah loves equality) at the demonstration in Rome today

These are the firefighters at the demonstration in Rome today

I'll ust leave this picture here

I'm 44 and I still fall into terrible traps 😞