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A while ago I wondered what kind of valuable data could be collected from a privatised footpath. Turns out that some cities are making private-public partnerships to put sensors into things like street lamps, and what they do with some data is secret.

Yesterday some workers had some repairs to do so we were without electricity for most of the day

And even when it came back, it was unstable, it came and went

Basically I'm not very productive, but if you add basic obstacles like this....

ICYMI: @FastCoDesign on the interplay of software & society.

"If 2016 was the year it became impossible to ignore the power software exerts on society, then today, in 2018, we can start to identify some signals about what the levers of control might be." source:

We want to help more #freesoftware projects get amazing Bitcoin windfalls like we got from the Pineapple Fund: Give us a hand: join this week's Free Software Directory IRC meetup tomorrow:


Hi Chris.

At the cost of seeming impertinent, I' d like to ask you to take a look at this post of mine

Thanks !!

I've been there too.

I went all the way to a worshop in Berlin, to be taught

And they made us do the game of life, with a graphics library called Quil

And I've been there with Python too

"Clojurians, please share your knowledges with blogs"


I rarely do this, but one of my very good friends is facing high vet bills to save her cat, who has a genetic heart condition. My friend is a college student barely making ends meet. If you could spare anything to help Xena and her human, it would be much appreciated <3

(Total is $1200).

Fediverse !!

I published a new post of mine in my brand new personal static indie blog

The title is: "Self publishing of scientific datasets"

Here it is

coming soooooon

I need to finish a stack of other books in this series though... the only one I've finished cover to cover so far is The Little Schemer.

@amz3 also tells an updated version of The Reasoned Schemer using Microkanren is coming.

@catonano this is an interesting post! I think more people would read it though if the title mentioned the topic of the post. I didn't know it was going to be about self-publishing scientific datasets when I clicked it! 👍

when we discussed gradual typing and typed clojure, I think I was referring to clojure spec all the time.

I called it typed clojure but I meant clojure spec

I was confused 😕


The workflow of my new blog is awesome !!

I build the blog locally and then with a single command line, rsync synchronizes !!

Never been so easy !!

Wordpress can't really help me, it has nothing to offer !!

on my personal static site (here it is ) I point ot some fonts hosted by Google

How do I set up things in a way that I host my own ofnts and I don't send people to fill in recorrds of thheir passage on my site for Google ?

Thanks !

Ok, so I have my blog hosted on a vps, now

The domain is not exactly nice but I won't spend 4 euros/month or a domain name

The vps alone is costly enough

Also, I don't understand:

at this address I get something

At this other address I get something else (links are broken because of the "html" prefix)

How do I populate the pages for the domain ?

ok, my on was activated

But I can't use it

How do I associate a domain with it ?

I have created this question in the forums, if anyone can help me, I'd be grateful



Good new bad news,

Good news, I'm on the final step for a position at Simple!

Bad news, my unemployment got pulled again and it will anywhere from two to three weeks until it kicks back in and even if I get lucky enough to land the position at Simple, I probably won't start anywhere soon enough that it will fix this gap. Any help is seriously appreciated, I'm not even sure if I can pay rent (and food and other bills are another thing entirely). I know I've already asked a lot and I'm really sorry to be asking again but I'm hoping this will be the last time for a while, even a boost helps

I just learned a few exercises for my vertebrae mobility

This is breathtaking 😮

Whoa nice. Paradigms of Aritficial Intelligence Programming (a lisp classic) is now libre and available online

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