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Wondering whether Hubzilla will ever gain much popularity. The same was true for GNU Social a couple of years ago, but then Mastodon happened. Even among Free Software supporters it was hard to promote GNU Social. So perhaps it would take someone developing a Tweetdeck clone using the zot protocol, which would be a lot better than the advisory privacy stuff.

Should we croudfund a sue against for nott adhering to the Mastodon license ?

admittedly I stll use gmail.

I could use @disroot to move away from there

As I'm getting older, I'm also getting lazier and grumpier, changing habits is increasingly a challenge

I've been using gmail for a very long time, there's a lot of my life on there

Also, I really appreciate the fast search

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Today I changed the link on my profile

It used to point to an article of mine

Now it points to my profile

At a conference today I saw a talk about a Germany non-profit working with school kids in :

This is really important stuff.

They do surveys which show school teachers require children to sign up to proprietary services which kids younger than 13 aren't even able to legally sign up to.

They are trying to teach today's teachers to not ask kids to use WhatsApp or github.

They provide alternative FOSS solutions for schools, such with kid-compatible TOS.

I can't copy this video link, so I have to link the whole tweet. I think it's worh it 😁

Happy #OpenDataDay2018! We help you to share books with your friends, and publish the collaboratively built data as #Wikidata-centered #CC0-licensed data: join us! #LinkedOpenData #booksharing #books #livres

{en} Does anyone around here use #Ğ1? I'd love to start being part of the community. I only want to get involved in libre #cryptocurrencies that try and do something positive. Boost would be cool!

{fr} Est-ce qu'il y a des utilisateurices de Ğ1 par ici ? J'adorerai faire partie du réseau d'une #cryptomonnaie libre qui essaie de faire des choses positives. Boost apprécié !

#duniter #sustainability #durabiité @duniter

@federicomena `git` is also technical debt straight from toxicity pits that justify such bad UX and complexity just because the people that wrote it had to suffer through `svn`.

Don't get me wrong git is a pretty powerful and capable too. I use it every day. But that does not justify it's UX being terrible and hostile to the users. No matter what your target user group is.

Findx has come far! and continuous the journey building an independent European Search engine - read more about it -

This person seems to be real and struggling with rent.

Navigating loosing a job is hard and I wanted to promote their plight since they seem to be struggling.

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A while ago I wondered what kind of valuable data could be collected from a privatised footpath. Turns out that some cities are making private-public partnerships to put sensors into things like street lamps, and what they do with some data is secret.

Yesterday some workers had some repairs to do so we were without electricity for most of the day

And even when it came back, it was unstable, it came and went

Basically I'm not very productive, but if you add basic obstacles like this....

ICYMI: @FastCoDesign on the interplay of software & society.

"If 2016 was the year it became impossible to ignore the power software exerts on society, then today, in 2018, we can start to identify some signals about what the levers of control might be." source:

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