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Research integrity demands free software. Reproducible software deployment is the next step!

"Nature journals encourage researchers who submit papers that rely on bespoke software to provide the programs for peer review. "

As far as I understand is like the Fosdem, but in US instead than in Europe

Right ?

@catonano @MutoShack They're set up as a tax-exempt non-profit.

Also it looks like right now Pineapple Fund will match donations, through April 30. That is really nice.

Happy International Women's Day to the trans girls who aren't out yet, to the ones who aren't on E, or who don't feel feminine enough. I see you. You rock. You're amazing. You matter.

There's too much stuff to read

really too much, a life doesn't suffice to read it all

I have tens of browser tabs that have been opened for months, I have lists noted in text files, I have bookmarks

When will I read all that ?

Never ! That's when ! 😓 🤦‍♂️

building your software atop web standards to get a quick deployment boost is akin to powering your mech with fossil fuels because they're cheap and energy-dense. have the confidence to try living in the world you want to inhabit. run your mech on fusion power.

the economics of the web doom browser API surface to indefinite, cancerous growth, layering atop permanent stagnation of everything released so far. but even carrying this back-compat burden, we *still* can't archive web pages with full fidelity: dynamic resource references can't be scraped thoroughly and complex interactions between DNS/HTTP/HTML semantics prevent "re-hosting" pages verbatim. the browser wars never ended, and we're all casualties. #fucktheweb

Folks !

I just published a new post in my blog !

It's not decisive, admittedly. But anyway !

@MutoShack I mention you !

I mention you too ! Thank you for youur suggestion about videos on !

And @paperswelove I mention you too !

It's about building it gradually !

Building what, you say ?

I don't know ! It's gonna come around !

I was reading about how to get an onion address for my blog but for now I can't remember any of my vps passwords so that has to wait ntil i sort this out 😒

when you'll be able to subscribe to tags, you could follow someone's posts about, say, cats but not about sysops.

So that will play into the lists use case, in my opinion

Here's a reminder that is pointing to cool stuff people are doing.

If you're tired of glue code, do something fundamental and help oriansj and janneke build the GNU of the future from a tiny, human-auditable binary core and then Source All The Way Down.

my productivity in these days is ignominious 😕


I see you've expanded your post about Guile !

Now you mention readline and guile-colorized !

That's cool !

Your introduction to scheme is one of the most effective I know !

Down to hearth and to the point !

Emmanuel Macron visited a jailhouse and his words are so similar to those of a human rights org I have collaborated with: "inmates are not condemned to sleep in bugs infested beds. The time spent in jail must be dignified and useful"

is now available from the 120+ nodes of the PlaFRIM cluster at @Inria_Bordeaux.

The director, Luca Guadagnino, announces a trilogy of Call Me By Your Name. Like Back To The Future. Not just a sequel: a trilogy !! ❤️

Commit to posting mostly or only positive things on your favored social media site for a while.

@hergertme Thanks for making my life better with GNOME. Happily using right now.

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