tired of jumping between instances, probably gonna stop posting here in favor of @catalina

Hey if anyone wants to live on the bleeding edge of Mastodon development I stood up a staging server at beta.darksocial.party. Join and pound on it but know that it could be wiped at any time with no warning!

Pitch me! for The Recompiler 

I'm interested in new articles on a few topics:
- Federated systems and deletion: why it’s hard and why it matters
- Looking at Mastadon in terms of security and privacy
- Using labor history to understand what’s going on in the tech industry and/or open source

We pay, and people from under-represented groups are especially encouraged to submit. Email info at recompilermag dot com and see recompilermag.com/participate for our guidelines

federation strangeness 

we're currently unable to federate with toot.cat because connections are timing out; a basic `curl` request takes two minutes to resolve gist.github.com/dunn/5649403e5

both servers are digitalocean, ours in germany and them in the US

well i can hit one of my SF droplets in the usual time so Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― Β―\(Β΄oο½€)/Β―

other domains

tweet.af – but it's like 80 dollars

tweet.coop – how do you prove you're a coop to register these

tweet.sucks – ok i need to borrow 3k

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i really want to do it now

and what else am i going to use trash.cloud for, honestly

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has anyone make a twitter-themed instance with a 140 character limit

this test suite is slow as balls which is why i'm boosting old toots

amaroq has multiple instance support now.


best mastoapp <3

the big news from that medium article gargron made is not the snarky title but that he's actually taking on a project manager and making a public roadmap, and making organizational changes such that he is cooperating with others and doing community outreach.

if you told me this in january i wouldn't have believed you

Holy shit now this is some seriously good internet detective work. the founder of /r/RedPill is a minor republican representative in the New Hampshire state legislature.


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