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i was looking through old pictures and i found this one from fabruary of me holding a cat


People who like cats
People who like talking about cats
People who secretly are cats

toot dot cat

Hi folks, so I'm in a real tight spot rn, but I have a couple options in front of me still.

Option 1) Do ya'll know anyone looking for a room in Portland? Preferably Queer or at least p chill living with a gay trans woman

Option 2) Is anyone looking for someone to fill a room in the Seattle / Portland area that I could possibly apply for?

please boost

Since I'm moving from to this new instance, I made a bot that I'm running on my old account. It responds to any new followers once, telling them where I've moved. Code is here, feel free to use/modify:

Note: it only works as well as the instance you're migrating from. So in my case, when is janky, the bot doesn't autoreply at all. No guarantees here.

"All everyone does on Twitter is stir up shit, it's exhausting" *stirs up shit on Mastodon instead*

I started making this app because @slimekat told me about mastodon and I looked at the source code, saw react.js and said 'nah nah nah fuck that the only way I'll use that shit is if theres an ios client' and thats how I got here

mastodon instance admin question 

So I've set up my new user over at It is able to follow me here on, see my toots, etc, but I can't see my instance at all from Even searching for the user here doesn't work. Do I just need to like, wait this out? (I am using the new "WEB_DOMAIN" env variable to alias in my fediverse ID, if that matters.)

Good evening!

Today we've had a very productive discussion, and action, regarding the feedback given in "the medium post" ( )

I want to synthesize it to 500c for yall, but I need sleep now. And I'm waiting for the official go ahead. So hopefully I can do it tomorrow!

In the meanwhile, good night <3

Hey I'm feeling good about the server changes I made, and clearing unconfirmed accounts got us back below 150 so what the heck, new user accounts on are open again! Come contribute to our local timeline and enjoy a chill and low-key instance.

hi guys i'm hoping to write another piece about mastodon, a sort of wrap-up for my experiment a few weeks ago where i tried to replace twitter with masto.

i'd love to to interview a bunch of you guys? looking for old users and new users alike


reminder that Airbnb profits from listings in illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine and should be boycotted as a result ✌🏽

Is this (rather bizarre to me) hostility towards discussing politics on Mastodon to the point that ROT13 became some sort of "solution" the reason I got dogpiled to hell my first weekend here after talking about racial dynamics on Mastodon? What was the full story behind this? What sort of culture thinks talking about politics needs to be behind a content warning? Is me talking about the intersections of my life & society in need of a CW because it's political? what the hell?

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