opening some quick again! sketches ($15) and gentle flats ($25), but i can do icons and detailed pieces too!

y'ever start growing wings and your boss encourages it?

a magnus archives wingfic caught my eye and attention, and i couldn't help but draw some imagery from it.

also gave Latte some new art since i think it's been more than a year since i drew them

oops i haven't posted art here in a while

anyway here's a little sticker design! i'm a sucker for the (minimalist) 'world slice' concept, so i thought i'd try and make one!

I forgot to post yesterday's pic! here's a beautiful demiboy mer for y'all.

runs in here with day seven! here's a beautiful genderfluid merray, bringing some scrolls somewhere....

aaa i forgot to post them yesterday, but today's is a Mysteree Manatee!

shoot i nearly forgot to post day three of !! trans tako!! no touchie!!

it's and i want to try for the whole month!!! here's a pretty eel lady for y'all

i herd it was berd day?

there's a house sparrow who has been, for the past three or four days, trying to find a way to get in through a window. the cats find this......... incredibly exciting.

These kobolds are on an adventure! One is having a little more fun than the other though...

i'm getting better at spriter!!!! it's a fun de-stress method, somehow. Here's Evie!! she's very soft. (resized slightly to fit upload limits)

i've been playing around in spriter pro!! these are.. much better than my last spriting attempt, and as inexperienced as they are i'm still proud of em.

it's m.kinde! they're very small and i made them *even smaller*

(cw'd for gifs)

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