I got invited to a friend's instance so I'm about to merge these accounts, let's hope I do it right the first time

After getting majorly delayed by COVID it is finally Sauce Day and I have a fancy dinner planned for my loves tonight!!

My ex made this years ago when we first met and gave it to me after it was no longer his style, he did an excellent job on it and I'm grateful he let me keep it!

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Spring time means I briefly shed my goth trappings to embrace the simple love of Moomin Vest

Was listening to Chris Gethard's NJ podcast and they talked about what NJ activity becomes more fun now that there's legal cannabis and all I can think of is how I used to get stoned as hell as a teen and lay in the lakes at night until turtles and fish started nipping at me. I also used to climb the roofs of shopping centers and steal traffic cones, all highly illegal regardless of how stoned I was at the time. Truly it was my Snufkin era

This is definitely influenced from seeing some giant bomb clip about Kirby sounding like a wet dodgeball when slapped... But how??

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I haven't been keeping track of my fever dreams this sickness and the only thing I remember is that Kirby had too many eyes

hiii my name is Never. i'm a 37 year old trans jew.

I wrote some books. You can get them for free or pay at my website never.horse

I co-founded a clothing line called undying apparel. It's at apparel.undying.club

You can see what I'm working on now at patreon.com/monstr

And occasionally I'll throw some music of mine online over at prettyswans.bandcamp.com

Guess I’m giving this place another shot.

I’m still making horror comics.

Get my work in print: tinyurl.com/235wwhzt

Or back my patr3on and help me have a monthly income tinyurl.com/35vdxbdr

I'm trying not to talk about it but genuinely it is destroying me that I can't smell or taste anything. I didn't realize how important smells especially were for helping me feel calm. I had a panic attack when showering because I was so used to the lavender that's in my soap and shampoo

Hello! I have a Patreon now for my writing! This is a place for me to show off not just my poetry but also my shortform prose and nonfiction as well! I have a few public pieces up to give an idea of my writing and will be adding more in the coming weeks! It would mean the world to me if people could help spread the word and check it out! I'm excited to share my writing with you all!


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