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Hello internet friends! I am a product designer and game developer who sometimes writes about tech, games, and culture. I love thinking about technology, race, gender and how these things impact the world we live in.


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Thank you! 😻

I deleted my Patreon pledge. I feel like the open source nature of this project – and the fact that the creator is likely not from a marginalized group – makes it impossible to keep Mastodon a safe space for marginalized people like me.

The new Google Podcast app doesn't sync your subscriptions from Google Play Music. Fun fun fun πŸ“’

Facebook mweb sounds are incredibly annoying and laggy. People don't want sounds coming from their websites without consent. This is poorly-considered design.

One noodle's all it takes

Falling in love with me


Our sauce is all you need

I have braces and just got 4 teeth removed, but the neighborhood catcallers don't know that. Should I scare them with my tooth holes?

I downloaded Telegram today. Am I jumping the encryption texting shark?

The site I used to watch old Terrace House episodes is down and I'm sad 😭

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