@cattsmall this post is a great explainer for why we're forking the software.

@cattsmall mmmm this _could_ be interpreted as you being disappointed in cassolotl, which i'm very certain, is not the case.

i'm really sad, that they're gone 😞

@tethre I'm disappointed in Mastodon as a platform – thanks for requesting clarification!

@cattsmall "Lack of diversity" claims are bizarre bordering Alt-Right derangement. I'm disappointed in this person.

@cattsmall I haven't personally had any experience of the Mastodon dev community but from speaking with other devs whom have they are seen as pig-headed; it was partly for that reason why I chose to go with Pleroma instead. I don't even know the language its written in and their devs invited me on IRC to help me learn so I could contribute.


This was a good read, and then there's a follow up! Thanks for sharing, it's something we should all be aware of whether we're staying at Mastodon or not.


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