Kinda glad I don't live and work in tech in England because based on the design conference I attended. It feels like the guys here are even worse at mansplaining and microaggressive sexism than in the USA, lol.

Obviously NaN generalizations, but I think the conversations and awareness are further along in the USA. I had to explain why spaces only for marginalized people can be useful, and describe stereotype threat. Happy to be that person with credibility, but I was also like... lol Google pls

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Basically, what I'm saying is that my trip made me very thankful for the positive parts of the USA. It ain't perfect by far, and in many ways it's a garbage fire. But we're having conversations, sharing awareness, and working to explain why these initiatives are important.

As I told some of the guys I talked to tonight, spaces solely for marginalized people are great for killing stereotype threat. They helped me feel like a valid person who had ideas worth sharing. They have a clear purpose.

I know it sounds frustrating when you can't exist in a space because it's not for you, but... can't you accept that? Sorry, but not everything is for the majority of people. It's a side effect of the painful, marginalizing society we live in.

For all the talk about empathy in design, I want designers to understand this. Similarly to tools that get lampooned as "lazy" when they're really aimed at people with differing physical abilities, they're just not for able-bodied people – and that's okay.

@cattsmall Hooo dang. Agreed, for all its flaws, I appreciate that the dialogue in the US is farther along. I wonder if it also might be a NYC vs London thing? Either way, thanks for speaking up!

@cattsmall oh man that sucks what were people mansplaining to you?

@jag a guy mansplained papadums, the Indian dish, to me. AFTER I googled it and said "oh, the crunchy thing they give you before your meal. I have had it all the time but never knew what it was called." He literally explained the exact same thing to me several minutes later, as if he was not listening to me at all. πŸ™„

@jag I am pretty sure I said "yup I know", but at the very least I went "uh huh" LOL HEH HEH WHEEE

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