I've never been to an event because I'm a cynic and got rejected 2 years back, but I'm happy I attended and was able to deliver a lightning talk. I ran into lots of people I care about and met some new nice people to keep in touch with. Everyone was very sweet. πŸ’–

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@cattsmall I assumed it would be very GHC-like so I have always avoided---is that a reasonable reading?

@ehashman at times it was a little too "girl power!" for my tastes, but the workshops made the trek worth it. Also, it was quite ethnically diverse (and the cost of entry was free). TBH I haven't personally been to GHC but based on what I've heard about it, I'd say... Kinda, yes.

@cattsmall neat. WRT GHC, I also thought it was a little overwhelmingly "girl power", and was impressed by the ethnic diversity of attendees (but not so much the people on stage).

I never got much out of the program there; the hallway track and career fair was really where it was at, but the career fair is really for new grads and interns, leaving not much for me mid-career. I'm disappointed by how much money GHC siphons away from grassroots activism; sounds like WTM doesn't have that problem

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