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Whoa, I don't think I've ever been in an English-only airport and plane. Things have always been translated into another language, even in the US; I've Seen Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Italian. But in London, things are only in English. Kewl. mastodon.social/media/CjsUw9P3

That rare feel when you click with someone immediately and both want to hang out more mastodon.social/media/zXSHoNos

On the bright side, I finally bought the shoes I have been admiring for a year. They were 50% off, and I spent WAY less than I thought in Italy, so I decided to treat myself✨ mastodon.social/media/BSAwLu7Z

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I am watching an old lady make pasta from scratch and I feel very Master of None mastodon.social/media/RQekVq1m