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Idea: any time you see someone on the internet start a comment with the word "actually" and miss a point, reply with "ACTUALLY" in all caps.

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@cattsmall YES this! I think Twitter is valuable for giving the oppressed a clear voice -- my own feminism and sensitivity to others has become much more nuanced as a result of reading tweets -- but it's paralyzing when that's all there is without any celebration of life and its mundane joys.

Mastodon is a breath of fresh air in comparison. There is still plenty of politics here, but the content warnings let you decide if you have enough spoons to deal before reading.

IFTTT couldn't handle my toots with the first applet. Maybe this one will work?

Trying out an IFTTT plugin. So far, Mastodon is cool and fulfills my aim to share things without becoming emotionally exhausted by everything being on fire. I think .social was down for a bit yesterday, but I didn't mind.

Obviously the world is and has been on fire forever, but it feels impossible for me to function properly when all of the world's suffering is on display at once. Twitter has turned into TV news, and there's a reason I don't watch that anymore.

Hello internet friends! I am a product designer and game developer who sometimes writes about tech, games, and culture. I love thinking about technology, race, gender and how these things impact the world we live in.


If you're into the stuff I do, you can support me on Patreon: patreon.com/cattsmall

I also accept one-time cups of tea: cash.me/$cattsmall

More ways to support my work: cattsmall.com/support


Thank you! 😻

This morning, I watched the Netflix documentary that followed Lady Gaga around while she launched her newest album and practiced for a Superbowl performance. It was a humanizing view behind the scenes of a famous person's life.

This documentary also centered around Lady Gaga's fibromyalgia. She works through chronic pain. I identified with her a lot and felt a new level of respect for her.

I hope you can all give Gaga: Five Foot Two a watch, even if you don't love her music.

Today I got to talk about documentation and it was the best time 😄


I think a lot of people are cute and cool but have no idea what to do with that information.

Lately, I've felt more aware of the space I take up than usual. It has taken a lot of effort to keep using my voice rather than shutting myself down and staying silent.

There have been repeated moments when I could've said nothing but instead chose to speak up despite the fear. People thanked me each time. It was terrifying, but good things have come of my willingness to be loud and present.

Giving up is incredibly tempting, but the best reward can come from fighting your fears.

My legs are burning from playing too much DDR. The suffering is real.

Finally decided to bite the bullet and try this out after decided their Terms of Service don't stand for anything. Hi, y'all.