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Watched Mean Girls for the first time in about 10 years. I am very proud of American culture for evolving enough to make a lot of scenes cringeworthy. Still enjoyed it overall.

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Tonight was a strange night full of oddities. I am ready to pass the fuck out and have a normal day tomorrow.

Really excited because I hung out with someone I wanted to talk to for a while yesterday and we got along very well 😍

In this time of crisis, please stand by your friends (and even those you don't know) who may be victimized because of supposed terror attacks. Support them and let them know they deserve to be here. People can be stupid and hateful; these attacks are often used as an excuse to further marginalize.

"Site deaths are when sites go offline, taking content and permalinks with them, and breaking the web accordingly. Site deaths are one of the big reasons why you should own your own identity and content on the web."

Just here thinkin bout how long it's been since I last saw floor-length cuffed denim, hbu

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Spent some time working on a piece I started 2 years ago. It's nice to finish something.

(discovered while going over my notes from yesterdayβ€”many of the articles about da vinci claim his automata were "zomg the first programmable computers!" but Ismail Al-Jazari has him beat by a few hundred years

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