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I think Animal Crossing servers are overloaded because Nintendo is Nintendo.

If you're in an open relationship, but neither of you ever see anybody, does that mean you're #lowpoly?

Guess what, everyone! The Dominique Pamplemousse games are now pay-what-you-want on! Grab 'em at

Soooo I have been working on a piece about UX and game design since 2015. I spent a lot of time reorganizing the content to make sense. Here's most of what I know about the intersection of these two skillsets – and how app + web UX designers can use games as inspiration to create better designs! ✨

When people invite you to coffee under the guise of catching up, but they really just want to communicate about something that could've been discussed via email :thaenkin:

Just witnessed a father-son fedora duo for the first time in my life. The budding process is so beautiful. Today is perfect.

Swimming in a sea of large, bearded white men AKA attending board game conventions

Everyone who has ever looked at adult content should read this, and please share widely if you can. The UK government is handing an extraordinary amount of power to one company, with no assurance whatsoever that user privacy will be respected: (link has an arty nude pic in header, but otherwise SFW)

The house I booked in Philadelphia is perfectly located and really cute. What a relief ~

I'm not even going to try and meet up with a million people. I'm going to hang with husbae and that's it. I need a break from running around :blobugh:

My friends and I are driving to Philly for PAX Unplugged tonight ✨

...I probably shouldn't have booked so much travel that I'm somewhere different every other weekend x.x

After PAX Unplugged, I'll have a whole month without any travel :breathe:

Very excited to feel like I can focus on churning out art for my solo game. Travel is fun but soul-consuming.

It's also possible that constant travel isn't the culprit to blame for my feelings of fatigue. I will scapegoat whatever I want :hotboi:

Girlfriends was a good show (I think?), but I'm glad we're mostly past the era of calling friends who are women "girlfriends"

In a world where Girlfriends is a show about a polycule consisting of four Black gay and bisexual women

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