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Another app-hailed taxi, another free consultation about a tech business idea

Sorry for the long post friendos lol I probably should've CWed that bb


Meow! In case you missed my intro because I am bad at toot tags... here it is!

I am a product designer and game developer who sometimes writes about tech, games, and culture. I love thinking about technology, race, gender and how these things impact the world we live in.


If you're into the stuff I do, you can support me on Patreon:

More ways to support my work are on my site:


Thank you! 😻

Hey all! Remember to put CWs up on some of your stuff! This isn't necessarily everything but will give you some ideas of what you should put behind a CW:

- Negative stuff and rants
- Politics (good or bad)
- Mentions of things like depression, anxiety and suicide
- Mentions of trauma, assault, etc.
- Food and alcohol mentions

This helps people to choose whether or not they want engage in things that might be upsetting to them. Thanks!


I have some money leftover in my β€œGiving back” account this year. Where should it go? Looking for causes big and small, charities and fundraisers, orgs and individuals. Boosts appreciated, thank you!

Me, watching the end of the Tgiving parade: Santa is probably a racist

USA Thanksgiving 

Hey friends, if you're playing #AnimalCrossingPocketCamp it would mean a great deal to me if you used the feedback/support/rating process to let the developers know that their frequent use of "his or her" is exclusionary and hurtful.

"Visit him or her at his or her camp."

No one talks like that unless they're using language to exclude, oppress, or erase. Normal people, when speaking in the abstract about a person of unknown gender, will say, "Visit them at their camp.".

#AnimalCrossing #PocketCamp #ACPC

Me: I'm going to try and make deeper friendships

Also me: scheduling is hard, messaging is anxiety-inducing, and my bed is just so tempting

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