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Still feeling good about that one time I told a friend of mine to pay for my design work in NYC. Moral of the story: sometimes weird shit works out

Hi Mastodon! Some super cool artists and I just launched a Kickstarter for an anthology of short comics. It’s called Out of the Deep and its going to be an awesome lineup! One of the backer tiers includes an animated pixel art GIF commission from yours truly, so dont miss out πŸ˜€ Tell your friends! #comics #art #mastoart #kickstarter

People are stirring up drama on birbsite just to be spiteful and I'm so glad I don't socialize there anymore.

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oh no I forgot to make a "happy toots day" joke yesterday and now I have to wait a week

Started this a while ago but finally got around to finishing it after seeing some other folks’ stuff hehehheeh Yoko Starter Pack ➰

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Got some nice body wash for myself from a fragrance shop and it smells like magic ( Β΄βˆ€ο½€) if you're the kind of person who reacts positively to smells, I highly recommend treating yourself to a nice-smelling soap or two πŸ’…πŸΎ

I'm trying out that there Medium member thing with this post on quitting social media! How relevant! If you're the type of person that feels super-lonely but has a fair number of online accounts, this might be worth reading πŸ’—

Help me out lovely people: I would love to find more wonderful , and people on Mastodon. Also more and accounts. Recommendations please?

Things to do today:
- Breathe slowly
- Take a moment to observe surroundings
- Draw something

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