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Any of y'all want a copy of FEZ?
I have a key I haven't used.

serious question: why aren't there equivalents to the Persona games set in the United States? (e.g. epic turn-based RPGs about being a teenager set in the present day)

(just thinking about how I've played seemingly countless video games set in Tokyo but few if any games set in New York City. or *any* US city really, other than their apocalyptic versions in e.g. fallout)

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Hello sweet Mastodon bbs remember that you are loved and that if you have access to it, therapy can be helpful– esp when you feel unloved β™₯️

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Empty blocks of time can give you the space to do little bits of self care like polishing your shoes β™₯️

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Still feeling good about that one time I told a friend of mine to pay for my design work in NYC. Moral of the story: sometimes weird shit works out

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