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Something I sent to a kind person today:

It's sometimes quite challenging to find connections with people who feel equally excited about the investment a new friendship can require. BUT please don't give up, and when all else fails you must remember to treat yourself with the caring and love you want from others πŸ˜€

Have a good day you tooters β™₯️

If you don't add a meeting description or have an agenda, don't be surprised when people decline your invite.

Not going to any game dev events is amazing because then you get to sleep til whenever :blobaww:

Trying out a thing where I actually separate my creations into a suite of sorts and have my personal posts a bit more hidden. Wowwie! I am not a brand anymore that's p cool

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Any of y'all want a copy of FEZ?
I have a key I haven't used.

serious question: why aren't there equivalents to the Persona games set in the United States? (e.g. epic turn-based RPGs about being a teenager set in the present day)

(just thinking about how I've played seemingly countless video games set in Tokyo but few if any games set in New York City. or *any* US city really, other than their apocalyptic versions in e.g. fallout)

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