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friendship ended with undertale yakuza is my friend now

before i abandon thhis forever add me on discord [nyas at you aggressively]#6106

tbh im already getting bored of mastodon lmao. it was fun while it lasted

*Becoming a puddle he starts laughing*

We Have To Do This Again When I Am Really Here Chara

*Chuckling Gaster glitches and returns to the void*

yo deviantarts give me reasons why i should make an account. i wanna post my art on there again but im scared to bc of the ppl on there

i wanna change my user but hhghghgnnhnhg....... 169 FOLLOWERS WIG

hrmrmmggmgmgmg.... what instance should i move to!!!

i was listening to music and i zoned out for a second so the first word i heard was "smog." it was fucking terrifying

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