Colorado is proud to welcome our very own Sarah Palin! Lauren Boebert fits right in with her party:

1. She’s rabidly pro-gun; like obsessed.
2. She refuses to wear a mask. Or close her restaurant when her county’s hospital had no more beds because of Covid. She didn’t care.
3. She’s twice been arrested and refused to show up for her court hearing.
4. She believes Q.

Colorado is thrilled.

I promised I’d make my books free during the entirety of the pandemic. The pandemic is still going. And they’re still free through my publisher. Maybe give one a read if you’re bored. Thanks!

Also, one more thing:

Imagine how cynical and critical H. L. Mencken would have become if he had experienced the internet and social media?

We are not a very smart people. In fact, we pride ourselves in our stupidity

Look what my boss has two of! It works amazingly well too.

Blog post on politics, sexuality, and just controversial things 

I installed Ghost on an instance and am liking it just for writing. Learning themes but I know nothing about any programming language, so just sticking with the default. Anyway, my first post

Because of the and everyone isolating at home, I am offering my books for free to help you stay sane. If you want a short read or an analysis in the wrongs of , have a read!

Book Promotion asking For Discussion, not Money 

I really feel I predicted the Body Politic’s movement to the Left in my book ”Semiotic Bulimia”

I know no one has read them. That’s probably my fault. So please pick up your copies and get back to me. I would rather discussion thank sales. Thanks!

Hey, so my books are currently free at the moment from my publisher
Smashwords for . If you haven't read them, now is the time to pick them up. Thanks!

I'm going to ask my friends to please read this again. Or if you haven't read it, please read it for the first time. Maybe even share it. I don't care about the attention or *hits* to my site, I care about the message getting out.

ProPublica of Illinois has contacted me about my experience. The ACLU has contacted me about my experience.

I wrote stuff and it got published. I'd be very grateful if you took a look. You don't have to buy my books, but I’d love feedback. Thanks!

I will not abuse my Ritalin. I will not abuse my Ritalin

New blog post about a great coffee shop in where 100% of the profits go towards prevention and awareness. Seriously, this place is amazing

Trying to connect to Twitter with the app to locate your friends on Mastodon and get an error. Is the app broken forever?

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In this thread, I'd like to talk about a poem by the earliest known female writer in vernacular, Marie de France. Marie was most probably a member of the French nobility who travelled between France and England in the second half of the 12th century. Her poems, which she sang, were called "lays" and proved extremely popular in England.

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Sexual Orientation 

And being close to your partner. For me, love is expressed through closeness and kindness and just holding someone close. I can love someone deeply without having sex with them and still call it a partnership. Physical affection, emotional closeness, intellectual connections, joint interests, all of these tie into love, not just sex.

So why are Asexuals viewed as “broken”? Why can’t we have love too?

We are not broken. And we can love someone fully without sex, a deep love

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Sexual Orientation 

I wish there were more Aces in my area. I know they’re out there, but most of the time we just feel broken and it’s our fault in relationships where we don’t want to have sex. I wish there was more understanding around this.

Sex is so intertwined with love, most Aces feel alone and unloved. Can’t have sex, then you’re unable to love. Which is so far from the truth.

Sex does not equal love. Sex is an expression of love, just like being affectionate

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