this is the worst thing i've ever seen why does it look like an eye

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Apparently Amaroq defaults to unlisted toots ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@jansegers ah! ProductHunt post was October 6. Must have been bored and on ProdHunt lol

@jansegers closest I found was a daily dot article nearly a month after I made an account :confused_face:

@jansegers did you ever figure out who it might have been? I'm curious too!

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There are NO checkmark verifications on this instance or any other. People just put emoji in their display names for a joke

@jacmoe I see that but Amaroq has an Awoo mode toggle- turns out it does a /toot/i 'awoo' replace

@jansegers I don't even remember I guess someone tweeted about it?

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The best thing about Mastodon is that tweets are called toots and retweets are called boosts

I've had an account since october have I even posted yet?


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