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proper introduction 

I do things with words. And the things that lie behind words.

I'm a #Linguistics professor, working mainly on Formal #Semantics and its interfaces. Much of my research also involves Historical Linguistics (/#Philology) to a certain extent. My central tool for analysis is a predicate logic-style system augmented with a typed #LambdaCalculus.

I frequently research languages of #SouthAsia (e.g. #Hindi, #Nepali, #Sinhala, #Sanskrit) & the #WestIndies (#Patois, #RastaTalk & the role of #African languages in the #Caribbean), as well as a bit of #OldEnglish ( ).

I have a certain wary enthusiasm about particular types of technology. #LaTeX and fine #Typography more generally. #Lisp things, including #CommonLisp, and #Scheme (#Guile, #Racket), and #Emacs, as a sort of incarnation of a minor Lisp Machine. I'm #Haskell-curious, but don't care much for significant whitespace languages. (Software I've written mainly resides (for the moment) at: )

Within linguistics, I work on a fairly wide range of things, from the use of delimited continuations in natural language semantics to the morphology of #Rastafari language to #Cyberpunk neologisms to #IndoEuropean myth-preserving formulaic language (slaying of dragons and worms) to algorithmic detection of different focus types and constituents in unannotated plaintext. (you can see more about these things here: )

Recently, I've been exploring the use of devices borrowed from computer science (e.g. delimited continuations, monads) for working out computational issues in natural language semantic formalism.

Interested in social equity and its intersection with my other endeavours. Strongly #AntiCapitalist and #AntiWhig.


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HomeTown is a fork of Mastodon which lets you make instance-only posts, adjust character limits and read long form rich text blog posts.

It's still part of the Fediverse, and HomeTown users can interact with Mastodon users totally fine.

Tech people can get self-hosting instructions here:

Non-tech people can use a managed hosting service to start their own HomeTown instance:

#HomeTown #Mastodon #MastoTips #FediTips #Fediverse

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Hot take about FOSS 

@MadestMadness Let me add another one:

4) It's easier to start from a pure base and add impurities than it is to do the reverse. I'm actually personally okay with there being Debian nonfree and the "nonguix" channel for Guix. That these were layered on as second *optional* layers is *considerably* easier to deal with than trying to tear them out after the fact.

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Very interesting..

"Post Growth Entrepreneurship (PGE) reframes business as a form of activism, art, spirituality, and creative expression. This business model embraces flat growth curves and rejects the need for investors, scaling, and exits. PGE questions entrepreneurial "common wisdom" and re-envisions business as a vehicle for pure positive impact."

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:brain1: Breaking streaming services DRM by cracking the encryption algorithm

:brain3: Breaking streaming services DRM by recording the music to cassette tapes

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Let's talk about Common Lisp Recipes, 2nd Edition. What changes and additions would you like to see in it?

Boosts welcome.

#commonlisp #lisp #commonlisprecipes

This is pretty fun.

A small simulations environment using emojis.

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Devs who are hosting their projects on #GitHub should allow people to report issues with an alternative way (by email for example).

Because I can't contribute to project I like because I don't want to create an account on a fucking #Microsoft #proprietary service. I already have an account on @codeberg and it is fine for me. And I think other people have the same problem.

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Feeling more and more uncomfortable with hosting code on Github (Mainly Copilot regurgitating mine and others' code and reselling it). What are the good alternatives? I thought about self hosting at least some of my repos using Gitlab but have I overlooked something obviously nice?

#foss #github #git

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Quickdocs, a valuable resource for preventing to get lost in the
plethora of Common lisp libraries has back online.

Thank you to Fukamaki for reviving this project (and also for all
their libraries :-D).

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anyone out there who uses to manage environments, specifically for web-dev?

i'm in the process of un-screwing-up my dev environment, and have come to needing a clean start. I've been toyng with Guix, but I'm feeling like now's as good a time as any to see what it takes to manage my professional environment with it.

i've already had several hurdles on the way just managing guix on top of my base distro. i hope to share the trials and ease the pain for those to come

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periodic reminder that there is a TNG fashion blog called "Fashion It So" and it's a treasure

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GNU/Linux Problems 

Been dealing with some corrupted something in after my battery died the other night. I've tried removing everything I can find in my home directory, purging and reinstalling, but only made it worse :( I ended up creating another user so I can just use the desktop environment.

Meanwhile, I tried out a window manager written in , it's definitely fun but I'm not sure my brain has the bandwidth right now to configure basic stuff like the backlight

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How "we" treat the feels to me like an exemplar of "our" society's relationship with the world as a whole.

As things stand rights are dispensed modulo capital - to spend, invest, or sell. Land not producing a return for some investor has no rights. People who cannot sell their labor have no rights. People are forced to pay for the right to exist.

There is some confusion about what the is for. Is it for producing goods or for sustaining life? These are not the same things.

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Has anyone ever run a self-hosting co-op?

Running a few services you share with others, where they contribute either monetarily or with their own time for maintenance. Any money given is held in trust, and used for the benefit of the co-op.

I think this would work well especially for smaller sites where it doesn’t make sense to self-host things like analytics, but they could be shared across many individuals.
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Partially formed thoughts (aka a hot take) 

There's value to the creator in making art and consumerism completely occludes that. We mock amateur poets, singers, etc. Unless you're amazing, we demand you shut up. Who can blame us though, with so much mass media, why wouldn't you want to consume "only the best".

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@cbeo @federico3 wow, I didn't know it was so simple, I was going crazy looking for a way to migrate everything to @codeberg, thank you so much!

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Language extinction and Infuriating ignorance 

I know I shouldn't do it, but as a person involved with trying to learn a dying language I couldn't help but read the comments in this HN thread

There's certainly people speaking to the heart of the issue, but there's others clearly exhibiting the ignorance and cultural superiority that caused parents to stop teaching their native language to their children. Thankfully courageous folk kept language and culture alive

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