Something I’ve changed my mind on: statically typed configs. I used to think having an interface that defined the expected config keys would help avoid errors. Now I’m working with code where this prevents the ops team from deploying it to new environments (because we have different Kafka setups and there are quite a lot of possible Kafka config keys).

There’s a better approach in our projects, which use spec to define required keys but permit extras. That’s been much easier.

@cbowdon my short version of it for years was: schemas are a hindrance, because the world is not static.

@isagalaev nicely put. judicious use of lightweight checks seems to be the way to go

@cbowdon we use prismatic/plumatic schema in much the same way and it’s been very helpful.

@cbowdon So what you're saying is, in effect, your config problem is Kafkaesque?

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