I love News, on account of it being the least biased and most reliable. But a couple of trends are worrying me:

1. Experiments with clickbait headlines
2. Embedding tweets in articles as sources

The tweets bother me more, I think the Beeb will grow out of the clickbait stuff. But the tweets are so many bad things:

- lazy reporting
- web page bloat
- anti-privacy (I assume twitter cards are loaded to hell with trackers right)
- making Twitter seem like a public service

Not cool, Beeb

@cbowdon And if such news articles are read without javascript none of these twitter cards are even visible so text referring to them lacks context.

What happened to just plain old quoting other people's statements in an article?

Journalists should understand that linked and embedded content is not under their control and could change at any time on any (or all) of their reader's computer screens...

@stsp @cbowdon Ghostly helps me here. One click to block embedded tweets and social buttons everywhere.

@charlag @stsp @cbowdon I absolutely agree that this is a bad practice, and it's not cool that Auntie is doing it - but as regards the embedded information changing, disappearing, etc., surely the point of daily news is that it's only really valid for a few days or so?

@ej @stsp @cbowdon I am not sure I understand you completely (pardon my language skills). You're saying that disappearing doesn't matter because news are valid only for a very short time?

@charlag @stsp @cbowdon I guess I'm thinking aloud more than I'm arguing for the position, but the was my idea, yeah. When I go ashore after a long period at sea, for instance, I tend to just catch up on the last few days' worth!

@ej @charlag @cbowdon The problem is not so much disappearing content. It is that embedded content could conceivably change in a way which changes the meaning of an already editor-approved article. And such "tweaks" could be tailored to specific readers.

@cbowdon @charlag @stsp So I done bin' thinking' about this. How about a program to automate the gathering of plaintext/HTML news? Could point the program at a few 'trusted' sources (which could change over time), and maybe select what content to archive by some 'meta metric' (ie read count T hours after posting, etc.) Could be useful both for historical reference and a daily news feed - but do we need it when we have Wikipedia, Archive.org, etc?

@ej @charlag @stsp It’s a nice idea, another archive is a wise idea because you can’t guarantee Wikipedia and archive.org would stay alive.

One of the nice things about BBC news was the way it kept up articles from at least as far back as the early 2000s. But I strongly doubt current multimedia/tweet-heavy articles will survive 18 years.

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