Some small projects can be "finished", and would not need additional work. It would be unfair to mark them as "discontinued".

@strypey @arunisaac Absolutely! Some libraries, especially zero-dependency libs that provide just logic rather than anything IO-related, will survive anything except breaking syntax changes.

But I agree very much with @xurizaemon that response time to tickets/contributions is a useful measurement.

@strypey @arunisaac @xurizaemon Sometimes yes, but also some tickets will just require help or advice, and sometimes discussion will ensue where the maintainer carefully decides not to accept a contribution.

It’s an imperfect metric but I think it’s better than expecting constant activity.

@strypey Yeah, started reading from there thanks. It’s a good premise, choosing libraries can be time-consuming.

@strypey Yeah, that can lead to some very disappointing and frustrating situations.

If only there was an easy way to pay (and be paid) for support on FOSS projects... although often it’s not about the money it’s about the time.

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