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Be aware of a common scam running on the internet - someone emails you with a password that you will recognize and threaten to publicly bad post things about you on social media unless you pay a ransom. The password and email come from some web site breach, such as LinkedIn. Don’t fall for it. Delete and move on. Also, take this opportunity to get a password manager and use a different password on every site/service you use. ✌️

Played with Lacinia some more ( for ). I like how little boilerplate there is to set a service up but am not really happy with GraphQL schemas yet. Having comprehensive specs helps but there are still mystery errors popping up.

Facebook took a 20% hit today.

Do your part!

In other news I’ve finally got working for me not against me. Managed to get a fairly complex system springing up fully ready with one command! Most of the effort went into understanding the networking and configuration requirements of the containerized applications (Kafka was a PITA and I still don’t fully understand it).

Something I’ve changed my mind on: statically typed configs. I used to think having an interface that defined the expected config keys would help avoid errors. Now I’m working with code where this prevents the ops team from deploying it to new environments (because we have different Kafka setups and there are quite a lot of possible Kafka config keys).

There’s a better approach in our projects, which use spec to define required keys but permit extras. That’s been much easier.

What this shows is, as the world warms, the land available to grow crops shrinks. Canada and Siberia look very big on the Mercator projection map, but they're not.
Africa is 30 million km2; Canada, less than 10.

Learned how to do completion today. Fairly straightforward to implement, although a shame it seems to need to be separate from the script/executable itself

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“The primary way to configure is manually via the Web UI”

Right, but where’s the config files for adults?

“Alternatively, you can use the CLI or REST API”

FFS. Eventually turned out neither CLI nor API were fully featured, so ended up writing a short script to do the configuration. Not very impressed

Today I learned how to use netcat. Turns out it’s not the arcane mess I thought it was, it’s simple and flexible and can do what I use nmap and telnet for and more! This little revelation really cheered me up this morning

Petition to revoke Article 50 nearly at 100,000 signatures! Please sign if you haven’t already. At 100k it gets “considered” for debate in parliament. Even if the government makes excuses to avoid debating, it’s good to draw attention to the issue.

Must admit, I didn't expect GDPR to be the huge boon it has been. Not over privacy or anything, just the amount of sites I click onto from Hellbird that cover the article in permissions notices is huge.

All that ends up happening is instead of clicking allow, it's just enough friction for me to go 'you know what, I didn't want to read this anyway' and go back to what I was doing.

Today, a foray into data science for our hackathon project. I anticipate a lot of MemoryErrors and “wait 10 mins to see if it worked, tweak, repeat”, but also some huge satisfaction if I can make something remotely useful. Did some research last night and was pleasantly surprised that almost all the libs I want to use are good for Python 3. Last time I did scientific Python I was studiously writing forward-compatible code hoping to upgrade soon. About 8 years ago - that code is long dead now

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