"how to do nothing" excerpt 

@tty the only tool I use is a pomodoro, my strategies is to focus on doing one thing per day.


Basic tips & tricks I live by, are listed here

But I think to slow down, is partly to need less, and to find a way to exit the loop of working hard to live hard. We make it our mission on the boat to learn to live with less things, less systems, and in return we work less. Taking time for lifestyle hygiene is very rewarding.

"how to do nothing" excerpt 

@tty Find calm technologies, remove attention grabbing devices.

Lately I've been working inside of old operating systems, which are slower, and it feels healthier.

I have been living without a phone for 4 years, and I partially attribute my mental health to having gotten rid of it.

> I'd love to see someone getting in trouble for breaking copyright law because they used my code to bomb a hospital

I've never seen a better argument for the pointlessness of applying morality licenses to software. Either;
a) the Bad Thing done with the software is already illegal under more powerful laws than copyright
b) the Bad Thing is being done by (or for) a state who hold themselves above the law including copyright law.

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utopian future in the 1980s: flying cars
utopian future in the 2020s: no cars

I took the paywall off of the Wayland Book:


Enjoy 🎉

Perhaps paints a slightly too sunny picture of the early days of the web, but overall, does a solid job of capturing some of the early 90s spirit and hope for this new medium.


Enjoying some historical reading on compilers, linkers, and loaders circa 1972.

Likely controverisal take:

Languages with first-class package managers that make it really easy to use dependencies are a case where ease-of-use and usability might be actively harmful. It encourages developers to NOT audit their dependencies, and eventually leads to node_modules, which eventually leads to leftpad. Having fewer dependencies because adding depenedencies is annoying is not actually necessarily a bad thing.

In an early version of the C compiler gcc, when the pragma directive was introduced, it took the "implementation-defined" effect literally and tried to launch computer games.


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