having a slower local timeline also sounds really nice

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thinking of also being a person who switches instances but i have to then figure out which one and a lot are, understandably, invite only

Read Teppu in one sitting last night, it is in fact very good I love those fight girls

utena might reuse some animation but to be fair theyre really good animations and im very fine with seeing them a lot

gonna pick utena back up bc i never really had a reason to stop watching it

*logs on to mastodon just to complain about twitter*
it's just been being weirdly buggy lately and its getting annoying af

im fine using it for just internet browsing and the like but as soon as i try to run anything more intensive it will crash almost every time

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im like 80% sure i need to replace my computers psu but i have no money to do that so i suffer

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im having a much harder time making this road trip playlist then i expected i would,
finding good songs that fit my inexplicable criteria has made this slow going

watching youtube videos of a lady just walking around in Chernobyl, digging up reactor fuel with her bare hands

I remember finding out you could buy wigs with longer hair styles when my sister gave me hers, and finding out the clothing wasn't gender locked not long after. For almost a solid two years where I would play every day I would find cute outfits and obsessively collect the different wigs because the guys hairstyles all sucked

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New Leaf was the first place where I ever experimented with gender expression, the first place I ever presented an avatar of myself as feminine, the first place I was ever mocked for doing so, its was so so integral.

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topping off the end of a weird-mood day thinking about animal crossing, and I just don't think I can ever process acnl as a game. It'd be like trying to judge 3 years of my life and who I became as a person.

ive never understood the whole "tingly" thing with asmr but i love a good rain sound

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been watching video of a guy just driving around texas in a rainstorm its great

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