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Moving documentary

Directed: Kyle Bell
Produced: Adam Beach & Kyle Bell
Executive Producers: Summer Tiger & The NTVS
Cinematography // Edited: Kyle Bell

a candidate for mayor or some shit in my state literally said that if you're poor you should consider starting your own business. you can't make this shit up folks

So, on the blue bird of censorship, I guess it is wrong to mention Chuck Grassley is pimpin pervs by his pushing Kavanaugh. Wonder how long this sentence is for....

Lol, people on Twitter are trying to get me fired from my nonexistent teaching job.

But I have tenure. They will never stop me.

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Nobody is talking about the fact that Ford is dying. The only car they will make for the US market now is the Mustang. The bailout was a bandaid to keep their truck and SUV market alive. Those can't keep them alive if we keep pushing harder for lower emissions and higher efficiency. They aren't making a serious investment in EV.

‪Eating the rich is the only ethical form of consumption ‬in 2018

Good morning, I think we’re all wildly underplaying the Ferguson protests’ role in convincing younger people that no one in government is good and everything is extremely fucked up

Stumbled upon Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. One of the few PG movies of his. Absolutely fantastic and a definite tribute to early cinema. Ben Kingsley’s portrait of George’s Melies pure perfection.

Saw this on the place we don’t speak of:

Van Gogh / Van Cleef

by Luigi Tarini

Sharks are actually a very misunderstood and endangered species! No sharks actively prey on humans, and only 3 species are considered a threat to humans because they may mistake humans to be seals or some of their usual prey. Also, sharks are in danger of extinction because of the shark fin tirade in China and other parts of East Asia, not to mention habitat loss... Antisemites should try the vegetarian option instead.

A solid indication of two names ( Democrats & Republicans ) but only one party. 85 to 7!

Senate passes 85 - 7 massive $854 Billion spending bill for defense and domestic programs

Finnish phrase of the day: Eikö ottanu kieleen kippeetä, kun niin valehtelit?

Translates literally to "didn't your tongue hurt from lying so much?" Perfect for when you're getting fed up about people deliberately misconstruing your ideology.

those crazy politics 

"David" = the 99%.

"Goliath" = the 1%.

United, the 99% can certainly topple the 1%.

Turn off Goliath's MSM, folks, b/c you're being played.

Every freaking conflict we're involved in has been based on lies.

Don't let your addiction to DT anger destroy your ability to reason.

- Beth Houston

watching a klansman cry at his sentencing hearing was a beautiful way to celebrate the anniversary of nat turner’s rebellion.

Malabar giant squirrel!!!
Three feet from end to end, and rainbow colored.

A swing and a miss!

Staying out of the single-payer debate, party strategists say, could help Democrats in the general election - Politico

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